Reverend Janet Smith Zenwirt


Janet is honoured to be serving at Westway. She had a career in corporate communications and significant experience in volunteer and community service assignments before attending Emmanuel College. Janet is enthusiastic about building inclusive communities. She brings to ministry a keen interest in worship and experiences that can transform us. Janet enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, watching movies, and practising yoga.



Stephen Wickett

Music Director

Stephen has a passion for music in worship and for music in congregational life, motivating talent.  Stephen’s love of music is shown through various levels of the United Church.  A devoted family man, he encourages concepts of family through music groups.



Jennifer Manorath

Office Administrator

Jennifer has been the Administrator at Westway United Church for 10 years.  Jennifer plays a key role in supporting and facilitating the mission of the Westway United Church in the community.  She is often the first contact between members of the public, the community at large and of the congregation.


Erin Strickland

Christian Education Coordinator

Erin has been the CE Coordinator at Westway since 2011, working with and helping inspire the young and the youth at Westway.  You will hear Erin most Sunday mornings during ‘Young at Heart’ at the beginning of the service.  A big focus of the CE year is the Christmas pageant as well as family evening events.